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Help with Selfies

What is a selfie?

A photograph taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone. 

Productions often want to have a quick look at how you look today, often used to check your hair length so it's important you don't upload an old photo as your selfie. 

It must reflect how you look now.

How to take a selfie for your Casting Collective Profile.

1) Take the photo vertically. A smartphone is best, or tablet with a built-in camera or use a desktop computer with built-in camera.

2) Have a white / clear / plain background.

3) Take the image standing.

4) You want to take the image with a bit of space above the head and end just above / mid-chest.

5) Take the photo in a room with clear light, or alternatively outside against a white wall.

6) No filters. The production team want to see you as you are! 

7) Do not wear a hat, sunglasses, mask or take it in a mirror. It should look natural with minimum make up.

8) If you have long hair have it down and so we can see its length.

9) A neutral expression is best, maybe a small smile.

When your selfie is uploaded it gets a date stamp, so we know exactly when you uploaded the image. 

If you are asked to provide a selfie please upload this using our document uploader here: and select Main Selfie

We only keep selfies on our system for a limited time so you may be asked to do this more than once.

below is an example of a good selfie:

below is an example of a bad selfie:

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