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Difference between Urgent Castings and Priority Artistes

Difference between Urgent Casting Artiste and Priority Artiste:

1) Priority registration
Our main group of artistes are registered in one of our eight regional online casting books:
Priority artistes are registered for a 12 month period
Artistes are put forward for all suitable jobs in your area, you get more job offers by being in a regional book
All bookers in the office will see you and consider you
Artistes have access to a free online organiser, to see their bookings and look at payslips
Your photos appear on our website for productions to browse

Make sure you apply for the book in the area that you live in.
Find out more about our 8 regions here:
Or you can apply here:

2) Urgent casting artistes
Artistes are prioritised for one particular project only
Very specific casting brief of what we are looking for right now that we don't currently have on our main books
Time-specific for a short period of time, say one month
Only the one booker looking after that job will consider you

You can find a list of all Urgent castings here:
  • If you want to continually work you need to register as a priority artiste rather than an urgent casting artiste.
  • If you have applied for an urgent casting in the past you are more than welcome to apply as a priority artiste here:
  • If you are a priority artiste in one of our regional books, you shouldn't apply for any urgent castings as you will already be considered.
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