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Changes to Terms and Conditions

From the 6th of April 2024, our Artiste Terms and Conditions are changing. 

What changes are happening from 6th April 2024:

Starting April 6th 2024, we're introducing simplified and improved payment terms for Artistes.

What's changing in the new payment terms:

The changes are eliminating the annual admin fee and introducing a 20% plus VAT commission rate.

Why are the payment terms changing:

We are making changes to streamline and improve our payment system to make it more user-friendly for our Artistes.

How do these terms differ from the old payment terms:

Pre-April 2024 the payment terms included an annual admin fee and a 15% plus VAT commission rate. The new terms remove the admin fee and introduce a 20% plus VAT commission rate.

Impact on currently registered Artistes:

The updated payment terms will take effect upon your next 12-month registration renewal.

During your current 12-month registration:

Already paid your admin fee? You’ll keep the lower 15% commission rate until your next renewal.

Haven’t paid your admin fee yet? Choose to upgrade to the new system via the Organiser or stick with the current terms until your next 12-month renewal.

Am I still registered for a 12-month registration period:

Yes, you’ll still enjoy a 12-month registration with us, with a renewal reminder sent around the 10-month mark.

Are there other changes:

No, access to the Organiser, document uploader, and regional registration for 12 months remains unchanged.

What are the options if I'm partway through my 12-month registration and have already worked my first job prior to 5th April 2024 from which my admin fee will be deducted:

You can retain the lower 15% commission rate until your next renewal if you've worked prior to 5th April 2024 from which your admin fee will be deducted.

What choices do I have if I haven't worked and therefore haven't paid my admin fee yet during my current 12-month registration:

If your current registration period began before 6th April 2024 and you have not worked, and therefore not paid your admin fee yet during your current registration start date to 5th April 2024, you can choose to upgrade to the new system using the Organiser from 6th April 2024, or stick with the current terms until your next 12-month renewal.

Can I opt to stay on the old terms:

This is not an option for most. The exception is if you are partway through your 12-month registration. In this case, you can complete your 12 months under the old terms. We’re transitioning everyone to the new terms within the next 12 months, so you will be asked to agree on the new terms at your next renewal.

Is there any change to regional registration:

You’re still registered in one of the eight UK regions based on your location. More info here.

Are there any hidden costs:

No. The only cost is the 20% commission (plus VAT).

Why change the terms now:

The introduction of these new Terms and Conditions aligns with the new tax year. The changes will be first effective from April 6th, 2024.

What’s the notice for non-renewal:

There is no need to give notice; simply click on Remove Me in the Organiser and mark yourself as Permanently Unavailable or don’t renew at the end of your registration.

What if I’m not happy with the new terms:

We would be sorry to see you go. You can mark yourself as Permanently Unavailable at any time in the Organiser by clicking Remove Me. Or choose not to renew after your current registration ends.

Current bookings before accepting the new terms:

In all scenarios, any paid job booked before 6 April 2024 will be paid under the old terms of 15% with a possible admin fee (if an Admin fee is applicable).

For new Artistes registering from 6th April:

Automatically start on the new Terms and Conditions with a 12-month registration.

What should I do if I am a new Artiste registering near April 6th, 2024:

If you are starting your application before April 6th, you can begin the process, but submitting it after April 6th is advisable to enjoy the new terms without an admin fee. Those registering from April 6th will automatically start on the new Terms and Conditions with a 12-month registration.

Will the changes impact my access to casting opportunities or the number of projects I can participate in:

No, the changes in payment terms do not affect your access to casting opportunities or the number of projects you can participate in. Your registration benefits remain the same.

What about Urgent Casting applications before April 6th 2024:

If you applied for an Urgent Casting before 6th April, you’re invited to upgrade to the new terms. Upgrading to the new terms as an urgent casting broadens your work opportunities across all our projects for 12 months, along with enhanced system access.

What support is available if I encounter issues during the transition or have questions not covered in the FAQs:

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out if you encounter any issues or have questions that are not addressed in the FAQs by sending an email to

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