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Visa and right to work information for EU and Non EU citizens

Right-to-work checks:

In addition to passport ID checks. We must make certain legal checks to ensure you have the right to work in the UK. The checks vary depending on which one of the following two groups best describes you:

Group 1 - only Passport ID check needed:
  • UK Citizen
  • EU Citizen with an Irish passport

Group 2 - Passport check and Visa or right-to-work check will be needed:
  • EU Citizen (Except Irish)
  • Non-EU Citizen (Except UK or Irish)

For more information about Brexit changes, please click here:

Student Visas:

Unfortunately, we are not able to register anyone who is in the UK on a Student Visa.

The terms of a Student Visa prevent you from being self-employed and working in the UK. As a supporting artiste you would need to register as self-employed, so, unfortunately, you cannot register with us with this Visa.

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