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Pitfalls for new Supporting Artistes

Things to be aware of if you've never worked as a film extra

The majority of background work in the UK is booked through Casting Agencies, and we are happy you have found us. 

You can be registered with as many other agencies as you want, but our advice is to follow these rules to help you decide.
  • Do your research. Every company can get a poor review now and again, but if an agency has lots of negative online reviews, there may be a reason. Check how long they have been around and what people say about working with them.
  • If you know anyone already doing this work, ask them for tips and recommendations.
  • It is best not to pay any agency any money upfront for any work received. Upfront fees are not the industry norm. 
  • Check the Agency's Terms and Conditions. A commission deduction from your work is standard, but double-check that there are no other hidden fees.

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