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Different bookings - shift call, costume fitting, castings, filming day

The main different types of bookings you might encounter:

Filming dayshoot: Filming through the day. No set hours but usually any start time between 6am and 11am

Filming - Split day: A split day is a filming day with a later start and a later finish time (for example10am to 10pm).  It doesn’t affect the payment, you will just know that if you are booked on a split day you can expect a mid morning start and to finish later in the evening.

Filming nightshoot: Filming through the night. No set hours but could start as early as 4pm and finish as late as 7am.

Shift Call: Normally a maximum of four hours work - only used in the FAA agreement

Costume Fitting: You may need to have a costume fitted before filming. You may also be asked to go to a wig or prosthetics fitting if they are going to change your appearance. Normally 4 hours, but sometimes takes longer.

Show and Tell Fitting: You may be asked to attend a fitting wearing your own costume. To show the production what you intend to wear on the day. In this case, they may add to your own costume or completely refit you.

Audition or Casting: You may be asked to attend an audition for a part, or you may be asked to attend a Casting. 

Paid Rehearsal: For a technical sequence, sometimes you maybe asked to attend a rehearsal of the scene before the filming day.

Self-tape: Becoming more common. Productions might ask you to perform a certain action or scene yourself, record it on your phone and upload it to us to pass onto production.

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