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Your earnings help

The Organiser is available for all artistes.

When logged into your Organiser, click on 'Your earnings' you will see two links:

  • Earnings for the year:
  • Your remittances:

Earnings for the year:

This information is provided to help you fill in any annual tax return. 

This shows how much you have earned through The Casting Collective over the last tax year. The figures shown are for the previous tax year. This information is from April to April (tax year) and not necessarily what you have earned in your 12-month registered period. 

Your remittances:

This shows you the individual payslips you have been emailed. Ensure you keep your email address and bank details up to date in the organiser so we have the correct information for you.

  • Work date: The day you did the job
  • Production: The name of the production you worked on
  • Remit no: The CC individual number for your payslip
  • Remit date: The date we paid you. Note we do a pay run every week on a Friday, and everything we have received payment from by that date will be grouped together and paid.

Click on 'View' to see that payslip in more detail and see deductions:

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