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Calender help - your availability

The Organiser is only available to priority artistes. To see the 2 different types of registration we have look at this.

When logged into your organiser click on 'Your calendar' and you will see three links on the left:
  • Your calender:
  • Add dates you're unavailable:
  • Remove dates:

Your calender:

View the current month or scroll backwards and forwards to different months.

  • Dates you have booked unavailable will appear crossed out.
  • Dates we have booked you for will appear as orange blocks.

Add dates you're unavailable:

Only put in dates you are unavailable DO NOT put in dates you are free to work on.

  • Click a 'start day' of your unavailability
  • Click a 'end date' of your unavailability
  • Click a reason for your unavailability

Remove dates:

This shows you a list of all the dates you have booked as unavailable, you can delete them if something changes.

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