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Having trouble starting my application for the first time

How to start an application to register with us as a Priority Artiste

  • Start on the page with the UK map.
  • Select your region and then click the 'Apply Now'  button just beneath that to start.
  • Important - Do not click on the box at the top that says 'Already started an application?' - this is only for returning people who have already started and are coming back to finish it.
  • Read through the 'what you'll need' page and click the 'Get Started' button at the bottom.
  • Read carefully and click through the three Prerequisites pages and you should get to a page asking for Personal & Contact details
  • Each section you complete will have a continue button at the bottom of each screen.

Don't have everything you need...

You don't have to complete your application all at once. 

You can save the form and come back later. When you log back in you will pick it up again at the point you last saved.

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