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Bad photos - what not to use

Bad photos which will be rejected

  • Heavily photoshopped or photos that have had lots of 'effects' added
  • Landscape photos
  • Any photos taken longer than 6 months ago
  • Any photos taken in the mirror, in a group, from a long way away or where you cannot be seen clearly
  • Photos wearing a hat, sunglasses or heavy make-up or anything that obscures your face or hair
  • Cluttered backgrounds
  • Shadowed or heavily silhouetted photos
  • Blurred or out of focus photos
  • Tiny photos that are too small to see you (minimum size is 100kb)
  • Black and White photos will be rejected

Here are some examples of bad photos:

Do not wear sunglasses or any hat

Do not upload any photos of groups unless instructed to do so

Do not upload any photos where we can not see you clearly and your face is covered

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