Good photos - guidelines

Good photos will get you more work offers, bad photos will be rejected.

Good photos

  • An accurate representation of how you look now. If your hair is different or you have lost or gained weight we would advise taking new photos.
  • All photos should be clear and you should fill the frame.
  • Your photo should only be of you, not a group of people.
  • You should be close up in the photo, not a dot in the distance.
  • It doesn't have to be professionally taken, just clear with a good likeness of you.
  • You should ensure that the background is neutral and does not distract from you.
  • Try and make sure the lighting is as natural as possible
  • Get someone to take the photo of you. Trying to take a picture of yourself never makes you look at your best.
  • All photos must be in colour, black and white photos will be rejected.
  • Photos with social media filters will also be rejected.

Some more examples of good photos:

1) A good headshot example:

2) A good full-length example:

3) A good 'Smart' example:

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