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Photo guidance

Uploading the right photos can be the difference between getting work and not getting work

Please read the following rules – If you don’t follow the rules you will be asked to change your photographs during the approval process and your registration will be delayed.

Good photos

All photos must have been taken within the last six months and reflect how you look now. If your hair is different or you have lost or gained weight we would advise taking new photos.
  • All photos must be in colour – black and white photos are not liked by production and won’t be accepted
  • All photos must be different and distinct
  • Do not take photos in the mirror – get somebody else to take the photo
  • You must be facing forwards
  • You must be clear and not blurry
  • Make sure you are well lit, photos that are too dark won’t be accepted
  • You must be the only person in each of the photos
  • You must be front and centre of the frame – Photos of you in the distance, or where you are too close won’t be accepted
  • All photos must be without any borders or branding
  • Do not use any filters (e.g. via social media such as Snapchat or Instagram)
  • Make sure we can see you properly – do not wear bulky clothes or onset production costumes
  • Do not upload passport photos or photos of photos
  • All photos should be clear and you should fill the frame
  • Photos don't have to be professionally taken, just clear with a good likeness of you
  • You should ensure that the background is neutral and does not distract from you
  • Try and make sure the lighting is as natural as possible
  • Do not wear a hat
  • Do not wear sunglasses
  • Do not smoke in your photos
  • Photos must not include weapons

The Four Main Photos:

You will need to upload a minimum of three photos, with a fourth being optional.

  • Head and Shoulders photo
  • Full-length photo
  • Smart photo
  • Any other photo of your choice (optional)
It's important to keep reviewing your photos and make sure they reflect accurately how you look now. For example, if your hairstyle or hair colour changes, or you lose or put on a bit of weight you need to update your photos to reflect this. Using a photo from years ago because you love that photo is a very bad idea and if you we think any photo is too old we will ask you to change it.

Additional Photos:

Once approved you can also upload over 50 different types of additional photos. Read more on which additional photos to upload: here

The important bit for all photos:

  • Always upload the highest quality image you can
  • Your image must be either PNG, GIF, JPG or JPEGs
  • Your image must be over 100kb in size
  • Your image should be portrait and not landscape
  • Your photo should be recent and look like you
  • All photos must be in colour, black and white photos will be rejected

Head and Shoulders example:

  • Head and shoulders face on to the camera
  • There should be no one else in the photo
  • Don't wear a hat or sunglasses
  • Don't be too close up

Full-length example:

  • Head to knees, facing on to the camera
  • There should be no one else in the photo
  • You should not be too far away
  • Think about what is in the background, neutral is better

Smart example:


  • Select photos that are a true representation of yourself that have been taken within the last 6 months.
  • Send the highest quality images you can get.
  • Supply digital photos that are portrait in orientation NOT Landscape or square.
  • Remember the photo should be about you not about the background.
  • Always use colour photos, black and white photos will be rejected.


  • Heavily edit digital photos or supply edited/cropped digital photos or scans of photos
  • Send landscape or square photos.
  • Send tiny photos. If below 500kb it won't be of high enough quality.
  • Never use photos where you are wearing a hat or sunglasses.
  • Social media filters are also banned. Your pictures need to look as natural as possible.
  • Never use photos with more than one person, it just needs to be you in the picture.


  • Following these guidelines will ensure you are portrayed in the best possible way
  • All images should be in colour, black and white images are not acceptable.
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