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How much work can I expect to be offered

If we approve you it means we think we can get you work. Hopefully that means regular job offers.

How much work you are offered depends also on what we are being asked for by productions in terms of look and age etc.

  • What we are working on and what the casting brief is
  • What you look like
  • How available you are
  • Where the jobs are geographically
Very few people are able to live off being an extra alone. It's more a job that suits people who can supplement another income with work.

For example: self employed people with another income, students, retired people or unemployed people.

The key things are:
  • You can work at short notice.
  • You can cope with schedules changing. For example you can be booked for a job for one day and then it can get moved or cancelled.
  • You can work whole days. For example only being available weekends, afternoons or evenings doesn't work well.
  • You are reliable. If you fail to show up for a booking - you won't be used again.
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