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Once approved how long am I registered for

  • Approved priority artistes: will be registered for 12 months from your approval date.
  • Urgent casting artistes: are generally only used for one production, you may then be invited to join as a priority artiste after that production finishes.

Priority Artistes:

Once approved you will be registered with us for 12 months. Towards the end of your 12 months, we will email and ask you if you want to re-register for the following 12 months.

Please keep all your details up to date. If anything changes - please let us know by logging into your Organiser.

You don't need to wait until the end of the 12 months to update any of your details.

If the last time you worked for us was over 12 months ago then you may no longer be on our books and will need to re-register, although depending on how long ago it was we may still have some of your details.

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