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Minimum tech photo requirements

Your photos MUST be:

  • The largest size possible for each image
  • PNG, GIF, JPG & JPEGs in format (These other formats won't work)
  • over 100KB in size
  • Over 150dpi, ideally 300dpi (Dots per Inch)
  • There is no upper size limit, but bigger images will take longer to upload
  • Your image must be portrait NOT landscape or square.
  • Photos must be in colour, black and white photos will be rejected

There are many variables which can affect the quality of the photos that you use, including the camera used to take the photos, camera settings, focus and light factors and compression.

As a general guide, the resolution of the photos used is the most common way to judge the quality of the photo. If the file size is less than 450 pixels wide x 300 pixels width it will be rejected by our system. To achieve this a camera should always be at least 5 Mega Pixels.

Most digital cameras are over 5 megapixels although some phones and digital cameras may be below. However, iphones and Samsung Focus Flash both have an acceptable resolution.

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