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How can I improve my number of work offers

It’s a competitive world. Some easy things as a priority artiste you can do to improve your chance of being booked.

If we were artistes this is what we would do…

A change is as good as a rest. Regularly update your photos online. A new photo can totally change how productions see you.

Make sure all your measurements are regularly checked and updated online. Getting your measurements even slightly wrong can result in a drastic cut in your work.

Keep us informed. If you change your email or mobile, make sure we know. If your appearance changes a lot, email us a new photo. Use your online organiser to book out dates you are not free and keep your details updated.

A simple thing. Be contactable. In this day and age you need an email address and you need a mobile.

Be fast. Your mobile needs to be near you and switched on at all times. Often jobs are booked very quickly. An hour later somebody else may have beaten you to the job.

Say yes. People that say yes to every job, quickly get a reputation in the office as being reliable.

And the most important one of all but often overlooked. Be nice. Not just to agency staff, but to crew and other artistes. This business is all about reputation.

Increase your wardrobe options. We advice everyone to have at least the following but the more you have the better:

  • Smart Business Suit
  • Options of smart casual clothing in different colours.
  • If you have any uniforms its worth having a read of this:
Upload more Additional Photos.

You can upload over 50 different types of photos for our team to see that might help you get more work. Read this:

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